Scoastnet Network Infrastucture

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Scoastnet has been operating based on the NSW South Coast in Australia for almost 25 years. While we no longer directly offer end user Internet connectivity, Scoastnet has extensive experience in deploying and managing Internet based infrastructure using mature, reliable and cost effective Open Source Operating Systems and software.
Ulladulla Harbour

Scoastnet  provides a range of Network Infrastructure services

Basic domain hosting with email, Websites and Control Panel access to your domain configuration
Private managed VoIP, VPN and VPS (Virtual Private Server) machines
♦Wide Area Network Design and Management
♦Local Area Network Design and Management
Managed Prepaid WiFi Hotspots
e-Commerce online stores
Standard and Customised VoIP services
Online SMS services

All our servers are located at a premier Australian datacenter in Sydney with multiple high capacity Internet feeds, access to the PIPE Peering Network, 24/7 system monitoring and physical security and fully protected power.