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About Scoastnet

Scoastnet has been operating in the ISP industry since 1996 providing quality and high availability infrastructure for a wide range of Internet services.

While we no longer offer ADSL connectivity, Scoastnet has deep experience in designing and managing Wide Area Networks and Local Area Networks for any size client from Small Business to Enterprise and we are available for short term consulting work as well as longer term contracts for managing your network and server infrastructure.

If you have any Internet related requirements, please contact us to discuss your requirements as we have a wide range of expertise and partners to cover most requirements.

Some of our service include

Basic domain hosting with email, Websites and Control Panel access to your domain configuration
Private managed VoIP, VPN and VPS (Virtual Private Server) machines
♦Wide Area Network Design and Management
♦Local Area Network Design and Management
Managed Prepaid WiFi Hotspots
e-Commerce online stores
Standard and Customised VoIP services
Online SMS services