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Prescence Marketing Public Access Hotspots

The Scoastnet Presence Marketing Hotspot is a controlled Public Access WiFi Hotspot that combines  free or charged Public Internet Access and promotion of the Host site where the Web Site of the Host is repeatedly displayed to the users and provides free access to the Host site at all times. This system connects to the existing Internet connection at the host site and can work with any form of Internet connection (ADSL, 3G, NBN Fiber , Satellite etc).

This is a marketing product promoting the Host web site and the local physical office or shop front presence to people in the immediate area. The Public Access aspect is more about attracting users to the service so they are presented with the host web site on the login page than providing general Internet Public Access.

If you are after a system focused on more general controlled Public Access, please see our general Managed Hotspot page which is a similar product.

We offer 2 versions of the Presence Marketing Hotspot, one indoor and one outdoor (also longer range) with 2 monthly management options.

The 2 options for the monthly charge are

$22 per month for the free access version

$33 per month with the online purchase gateway for paid access using a Credit Card or PayPal

The 2 hardware options are

Indoor Presence Marketing Hotspot $330 Inc GST and full config

         Outdoor Presence Marketing Hotspot $440 Inc GST and full config

Both hardware versions have the same capabilities, just longer range and weatherproof for the outdoor version. Additional coverage can be achieved using WDS repeaters and a cheaper TP-Link repeater unit for $110 each or additional indoor or outdoor units.

The outdoor unit also requires an Ethernet network cable run to the installation point to supply power and a mounting point. This is NOT  part of the cost above.

This system can be considered as a 24/7/365 electronic billboard broadcasting the host Web Site to all the WiFi capable devices in the immediate area (from ~50-500M depending on the model of Hotspot Gateway) with some form of Public Internet Access to entice users to the service and thereby display the Host Web Site to all of them.

Although not a direct comparison, consider the cost and effort involved in attaining a high search rating on Google or other search engines compared to this system which is automatically and specifically targeting people in the local area around your site to drive personal foot traffic to your office or shop as well as promoting your Web Site and other special offers to the same potential customers even when the office is closed all as a managed and supported service with a low fixed cost per month.

The system was initially developed for Real Estate Agent offices but it is suitable for any business wanting to promote special offers or other location sensitive information to the massive and increasing range of WiFi capable personal devices (Smart Phones, Pads/iPads, Laptops etc) with a cost effective and pervasive automatic electronic  local presence.

WiFi connections are transparent to the client device and happen automatically in most cases without any password or other setup on the client device. The restriction of access all happens on the Hotspot Gateway with nothing special or extra required on the client device.

Once connected, any Web Browser request will be redirected to the Login page with the Host Web Site displayed. At this point, access is restricted to the Walled Garden sites which can be defined for each site (usually the Host Web Site and local Tourist and Gov Information etc).

Web Sites in the Walled Garden are always accessible without any login but any other addresses will be redirected to the Login page with the Host Web Site displayed again.

Please click here for a sample of a Login page. Please note that the login and trial links are not active on this sample page.

A user can then click on the link to get a defined period of free general Internet access (ie 15mins every 4 hours per device and configurable for each site) for free or purchase longer periods if the Host site wants to sell access as well (online purchase via Credit Card or PayPal).

Free access speeds and traffic limits are enforced to prevent any impact of the host Internet connection and reduce the potential for any abuse.

Once the Internet access period has expired, the user is again redirected to the Login page with Host Web Site again displayed and accessible on the Login page.

The Host Web Site is displayed in an iframe on the Login page so any defined content can be included in this and maintained as part of the existing Web Site maintenance systems.