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Managed Prepaid WiFi Hotspots

Easily sell access and manage your Public Access WiFi Hoptspot Public Access for Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Conference Centers, Cafes, Libraries Schools and any other area requiring controlled Internet access.

Although this system is targeted at Public Access, it is also a suitable system for general Internet network access control in environment like school campus or Corporate WiFi.

The Scoastnet HotSpot Gateway can operate on any Internet connectivity (ADSL, 3G, Satellite etc) and can use your existing Internet connection or a dedicated connection separate to your corporate Internet connection.

Internet Access control can be applied to any type of TCP/IP client on the internal network (WiFi, Ehternet, BPL, Fiber etc) through this system and there is NO CLIENT SOFTWARE REQUIRED, just a Web Browser is required for authentication to access the Internet or the wider internal network.

All the control and Authentication is done by the HotSpot Gateway which can be inserted into the gateway position of pretty much any TCP/IP network to provide authentication and access control without other changes to the local network.

The system can provide easy management of multiple sites with access tickets valid across all sites.

The Scoastnet managed Public Access Hotspot system is extremely simple to use and includes full system support and management of the HotSpot Gateway.

Phone support for end users is also available for an additional charge.

Access tickets can be purchased online with PayPal or Credit Cards as well as being issued by onsite staff for cash or free using the Admin web browser interface.

This system can work as charged or free access while still controlling who has access as well as enforcing Fair Use limits and traffic/time quotas so everyone gets fair access to the available bandwidth without any single user being able to flood the connection and cause slower access for other users

We offer 2 versions of the  Hotspot Gateway hardware, one indoor and one outdoor (also longer range).

The monthly cost for management and support is $33 per month with the online purchase gateway for paid access using a Credit Card or PayPal

The 2 hardware options are

Indoor Presence Marketing Hotspot $330 Inc GST and full config

         Outdoor Presence Marketing Hotspot $440 Inc GST and full config

Both hardware versions have the same capabilities, just longer range and weatherproof for the outdoor version. Additional coverage can be achieved using WDS repeaters and a cheaper TP-Link repeater unit for $110 each or additional indoor or outdoor units.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and obtain a firm quote.