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Managed VPS Private Email and VoIP servers

Managed Network Gateway
Fully managed and secure Internet gateway including, NAT, QoS (Quality of Service), Firewall and  routed VPN tunnels between different sites with our Gateway machines. This is located at your site and controls the Internet access for your network as well as being able to run Email (including Zimbra), Request Tracker and VPN client termination for remote workers. Prices start from $330 setup (Gateway only) on your hardware and $110 per month.

Fully Managed Request Tracker Server (dedicated VPS)
Request Tracker is an extremely robust and reliable Open Source ticketing system which can be used via a excellent web interface or totally via email.
Track tasks to completion with full history as well as multiuser task/job assignment and tracking.
Setup cost starts from $1100 then from $110 per month depending on user numbers and sysadmin requirements.

Fully Managed Asterisk VoIP Server (dedicated VPS)
Asterisk, a leading Open Source VoIP server, provides a wide range of customisation possibilities including various callback options and SMS integration .
The Scoastnet managed VoIP server includes a web interface to configure users, scheduled reminder calls and all system administration. Prices start from $1650 setup and $220 per month (inc VPS costs) plus call charges.

Unmanaged Asterisk VoIP Server (dedicated VPS)
Installation and basic configuration including Web Adminstration interface
Prices start from $1650 setup and $110 per month including VPS charges. External call termination available from $0.10 for calls to Aust Landlines and $0.17 per min to Aust mobiles.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) servers with a web interface to add/remove VPN users can be added to secure your VoIP traffic or provide secure access to your corporate resources for external staff from $550 setup and $110 per month (inc VPS).

Fully Managed private email server (dedicated VPS)
Standard command line managed Unix based ISP grade dedicated VPS email servers. Highly scalable and robust email servers with SPAM filtering and full management including user addition/deletion and all system administration. Prices start from $770 setup and $110 per month.

Authenticated Bulk Email Server
Scoastnet also offers an authenticated bulk email subscription service to allow you to send newsletters and similar to large groups of users. This service is compliant with the Australian Anti-SPAM guidelines and is only available to users who comply with these guidelines. Sending SPAM is not allowed and is grounds for immediate termination of any service..

Managed Zimbra Collabration Server (Dedicated VPS)
Full Web Browser administration interface includes group calendaring with Sync with Tunderbird/Lightning and Outlook (additional commercial module required for Outlook)
Install, configuration and full ongoing system administration and support starts from $1650 setup and $220 per month including VPS.
Install and configuration only with system administration billed on as required basis starts from $1650 setup and $110 per month including VPS.

If you want a VPS (Linux or Windows) or on demand Cloud Computing servers to run yourself, see our VPS partner Network Presence