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SMS Services

Send SMS messages online to anywhere through the Web Browser interface or from your own applications for $0.08 per message.

The Web interface is very simple to use and allows you to send single SMS messages or broadcast to large groups with reusable templates and Contact Management.

This is a prepaid service and to start your new SMS account, click here to send an email requesting a new account and you will receive a invitation to signup. Once the signup process is complete, you can purchase SMS credits online to start using your account.

There are several APIs available to allow you to send SMS messages driectly from your application

Email SMS Gateway
HTTP POST API (used from PHP or from your application)
SMS Messaging from within Real Pro X for $0.08 per message.

Please contact Andrew on 0244555177 or by email to discuss your API requirements.

SMSCard is a VoIP service for mobiles.
This works with ANY handset on ANY carrier and does not require a Smart Phone or 3G data connection.

Simply send a SMS message with the number to call to 043SMSCARD to trigger a callback to your mobile. Once you answer this call, the system will call the other end and connect you much the same as a nromal call but at considerably lower VoIP rates.

There is no cost on your carrier mobile account to use this service except for sending the SMS message to trigger the call. Call charges at VoIP rates are charged to yoru SMSCard prepaid account.