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Send SMS messages from Real ProX

Setting up a new Scoastnet 8centSMS account for use with Real Pro

Please ensure you have the upgraded version of Real Pro before proceeding with these instructions or contact Surfway for this upgrade.

This service is used to send SMS messages directly from Real Pro and requires an account with 8centSMS as the first step.

To start your account with 8centSMS, email your details and required SMS credit to and your will receive an invitation to sign up by return email. This may take up to 24 hours before you receive the invitation email.

Once you have created your 8centSMS account, the amount of credit requested in the first email will be invoiced to you and credited to your prepaid 8centSMS account.

When this registration process is complete, you can add your 8centSMS username and password to the Real Pro settings as below and start sending messages from Real Pro.

Setting up Real Pro to send SMS messages through 8centSMS

Go to Master Files then Specifications then Parameters tab and substitute your 8centSMS account details and the source mobile numberĀ  as per the example below with the email address as

You can set a mobile number or a word up to 11 characters as the “SMS from” setting but this must match a sender ID you have setup in the 8CentSMS web interface.
Real Pro setup

Your account is now setup and ready to start sending SMS messages.

You should protect this password and ensure no one else has it or they may be able to send messages on your account.

Please call Andrew McLennan on 0418487211 or 0244555177 if you have any questions or problems.