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VoIp Services

Make low cost phone calls using your Internet connection.

Scoastnet operates our own VoIP servers rather than simply reselling an existing service.

This can be customised to suit your needs, including VoIP servers for your offices.
Please ask for pricing to suit your custom requirements.


VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) allows you to make phone calls over your Internet connection at much lower costs than a normal phone call to a landline and free calls between Scoastnet VoIP users although it is not quite as much cheaper for a call to a mobile.

Please note that this service is intended as a supplemental service to your normal landline or mobile service . We strongly recommend any emergency call be made through a PSTN (Landline) or Mobile service rather than through the Scoastnet VoIP service.

This requires a good Broadband Internet connection as the voice call quality is extremely sensitive to the quality of your connection.

There are many ways to use VoIP ranging from a free Softphone on your computer or a dedicated IP handset to devices that allow you to connect any normal phone handset, including cordless phone handsets.

VoIP clients for Smart Phone Mobiles allow you to make VoIP calls from your mobile using WiFi or 3G (not all phones can use 3G connections for VoIP)
Nokia Builtin sip client for S60 Nokia phones (E series, Most N series) setup instructions
Android use sipdroid (free) downloadable from
iPhone use iSip from the Apple app store (not free but only around $10)

SMSCard is a VoIP service for any mobile.
This works with ANY handset on ANY carrier and does not require a Smart Phone or 3G data connection.
Simply send a SMS message with the number to call to 043SMSCARD to trigger a callback to your mobile. Once you answer this call, the system will call the other end and connect you much the same as a normal call but at considerably lower VoIP rates.
There is no cost on your carrier mobile account to use this service except for sending the SMS message to trigger the call. Call charges at VoIP rates are charged to yoru SMSCard prepaid account.

All accounts include Technical Support via phone between 9AM and 8PM and Email support 24 hours

All these accounts are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

All basic VoIP accounts have a setup charge of $5.50
Configuration of hardware VoIP devices (ie Linksys SPA3102 or 2012) $55

Call Charges
(Normal Phones)
$0.10 per call untimed (no connection charge or flagfall charge)
Aust Mobile $0.17 per min (minimum 60 sec but no connection charge)

Web Site Hosting VoIP Services

Account Name Included in Account Setup Fee Monthly Fee
Click To Call
(for your Web Site)
This service provides a Call me box on your website where a user can enter their phone number and be connected to your designated number (office number, VoIP or Moblie)
Call costs vary depending on the 2 ends of the call but range from $0.12 if the office end is VoIP and the remote end is a PSTN number to $1.10 or higher for timed mobile calls.
This service will generate 2 calls on your account unless one end is an internal Scoastnet VoIP extension. 

This is simple to intergrate into your web site as it is only adding a single field form to your site.

You have control over the HTML portions of the code for this service and therefore the formating and you can set and change the hours you are available on the phone and the phone number or VoIP extension for your office end of the call.


$5.50 per month for Scoastnet Hosted Domains 


$11.00 per month for Domains not hosted with Scoastnet

Click To Call
(for your machine)
This is a script you install on your machine for use with Firefox only (requires GreaseMonkey add-on) that converts Australian phone numbers on any web page to a link that will call your VoIP extension and then connect to the number from the web page after you answer. 

Using this service, you can simply click on any phone number on any web page to call this number on your VoIP service.
This does not cost anything but the normal call cost after the once off setup fee.

$33 FREE with any Scoastnet VoIP account

Private managed VoIP server